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The American Redemption Team



This course is $1,300.00 is scheduled when two or more people wish to attend. It has two, 3 hour sections and are held on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 5pm-8pm PST when advanced notice is given.

The cost of this course is $1,300.00 per person and must be paid two weeks in advance of scheduled conference call. Once your order is received you will be contacted and put on the schedule for the next scheduled conference call. This course comes with The Redemption Book plus additional Secure Party Creditor Education, one hour of student training (if needed), plus your own personalized detailed instruction booklet. We will go over the documents and help you prepare them right over the conference call but you must make sure that you have studied the course you received from us so that you are ready to perform the task during the call.

The documents we will be helping with over the call are:

Trade Name Registration
Letter to Secretary of Treasury of Puerto Rico
Private Irrevocable Living Trust
Affidavit of Status
Commercial Lien
Security Agreement
Irrevocable Power of Attorney
Hold Harmless Agreement
Copyright Notice
Copy Certification by Document Custodian

Birth Certificate Treasury Bond Process; which includes the Birth Certificate Bond, Order for Order For Deposit, Birth Certificate Bond, Fiduciary Appointment Letter, Form 56 Notice Concerning Fiduciary Relationship and 1040-V documents.

Also included in the price we prepare the following documents for you:

Personalized Things to Pick up List
Registering Your Trade Name
UCC-1, UCC-1 Bailor and Additional Collateral Description
UCC-1 Informational filing (if any).
UCC-3’s on your Birth Certificate, Driver License, Social Security Card (If any)
Treasury Direct Account
Personalized Document Instruction Booklet

If there are any Power of Attorney’s on the conference call remember this is only the first stage of the prisoner release process and doing this stage is not going to get the inmate out of prison until the second stage is completed. There are additional fee’s pertaining to the prisoner release process so be sure to contact the person that referred you to this conference call to find out what those fees are.

If you are part of any large group there may have a Join Me presentation scheduled for you and your team. Even if you are not part of any large group go to the website and download it so you can be added to the any meeting available. No internet, no problem we will include the documents on your CD so you can follow along on the live conference call.

This course does not include the International Tort Claim, Prisoner Bonds or UCC-3's for those bonds. Ask office for additional fees to finish this process.

If you are interested in taking this UCC-1 Training Course please call 541-241-6215.

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