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The American's Bulletin is proud to be a sponsor of Redeem The Truth. The owner of The American's Bulletin is Robert Kelly. The owner of Redeem The Truth and Robert Kelly go back for many years. The owner of Redeem The Truth and The American's Bulletin do not always agree on every concept of the subject of "Redemption" or the "Freedom Movement", however on thing Redeem The Truth agrees that on is The American's Bulletin is the only America-first, truth-exposing, no-nonsense free press newspaper for the American people.

Meet the Robert Kelly.


As the longest-published freedom-based newspaper in the United States and a recognized name in the "Freedom Movement," The American's Bulletin mission is to inform the American public about the realities of the nation they live in, so they can make better, more informed choices about their future.

​The American's Bulletin (TAB) was created with a simple mission: to alert American people to the insidious lie that, for decades, has been perpetuated by the government of the United States, and to show Americans everywhere how to navigate their way through the deception and dissembling to achieve true freedom.​

The American’s Bulletin is America’s alternative news source, dedicated to equipping readers with the information they need to make informed decisions about their so-called government and other important issues such as: their rights and interests, the 2nd Amendment, NWO, Obamacare, financial matters and a whole lot more!



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