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Become a Secured Party Creditor via a UCC/UCC-1 Lien Filing Process through The Redemption Book or use our services UCC 1 filings process.

A secured party creditor is someone who holds the superior lien over the (Strawman) debtor. As a Secured Party Creditor you can get released from prison, get rid of your mortgage issues, release debt with ease, release IRS debt forever, pay off tickets, pay off vehicle, release judgment debt, pay off property taxes, release credit card debt, release debt collectors as if they did not exist, pay off child support making it go away, how pay off student loan that has been bugging you, matter of fact you can discharge any debt if it is a public debt and even stop foreclosures dead in their tracks. Become a Secured Party Creditor TODAY via a UCC/UCC-1 Lien Filing Process through The Redemption Book.

Becoming a Secured Party Creditor is your first step toward taking back your Sovereignty. Once completed, you will have established the foundation to manage the commercial affairs of the debtor, and the standing to protect yourself from all public claims made against your straw man (strawman), which is your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This can be accomplished by filing your UCC-1 (Uniform Commercial Code-1).

While the Secured Party Creditor status rebuts the presumption that you are property of the state, you must still bargain for your rights as a Sovereign. Only citizens (slaves) of the state have privileges. For Sovereigns, rights without contract are a fantasy. If you do not see your image in the depiction of the founding fathers at the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, you are not party to the contract. This last statement may be a shocking revelation to many of you, but it is nonetheless true. If you did not gather in private discussion with your fellow man for the purpose of determining how you wish to govern and be treated by other sovereigns-If you have not framed a declaration of your rights for which you pledge your life, your wealth, and your sacred honor, as did the signatories to the U.S. Constitution, then you have but one unilateral right-to institute a claim.

 However this right is negated under the Declaration of International Rights and Duties if the Individual, which reads as follows: "VII. Every individual is entitled to be protected and assisted by the state to which he belongs, in the manner and form established by treaties and by international law. 

No individual who, according to the law of the state against which he institutes a claim, as a citizen of that state, shall be entitled to such protection ". The United Nations Conference on International Organization page 105, Department of State publication 2490, Conference Series 83, 1946





Establish your Straw man account by doing your UCC-1, Redemption Process through The Redemption Book.

The first step in returning yourself to a sovereign individual is that you have to take back your artificial straw man (strawman), and reclaiming it as YOUR debtor. 

If you were to take a look at your driver's license, social security card right now, you would see your name in all capital letters. That is your straw man (strawman) that the government created for you. In order to take back your straw man (strawman) you need to file a UCC-1 Financing Statement, filed with your Secretary of State's office.

The UCC-1 defines exactly who the debtor is and who is the secured party creditor. Your name in all capital letters is the debtor and your name with initial capitals and the rest lower case letters, is you, the secure party creditor. As more and more people perform this process, some states are making the filing of UCC-1 forms more difficult, some states are refusing to file it all together.

The other part of the reclamation of your straw man (strawman) process is the Security Agreement. Though this document is not filed with the UCC-1 form, it should be referred to in the Financing Statement section of the UCC-1. It is a properly executed Security Agreement that makes your filing legitimate since it is an agreement between your flesh & blood you and your artificial you. You cannot go around making other people or entities your debtors unless you have something to back up your claim.


The UCC-1 form should be filed in your state of birth since that is the 'port of entry' for your straw man (strawman). If you are living in and own property and/or do business in a different state at present, for your property protection, a UCC-1 should also be filed in your current state.

The Financing Statement as well as the other information filled in on the UCC-1 is most critical not only for the effectiveness of it, but also on the success in getting your forms filed. The Redemption Book gives you step by step instructions on how to prepare your UCC-1 Financial Agreement and your Commercial Lien, Security Agreement, Hold Harmless, Power of Attorney and Copyright Notice documents.The Redemption Book will guide you through the complete process of becoming a secure party creditor.

It is highly recommended that you read through the entire Redemption Books a few times until you are comfortable with the overall Redemption process before proceeding with document preparation. Every effort has been made to provide clear and complete instructions for all phases of the process. Be forewarned that accuracy is essential to the process and there is considerable detail involved.

It is important that you plan on setting aside one full day to complete this Secure Party Creditor process in its entirety. We recommend that you work in an environment that is free of distractions. If after reading the Redemption Books and you would prefer to have the Secure Party Creditor process completed for you, just drop us an email or put your cursor over Notices then choose Order Form to order one of our Redemption Services.

Our Redemption Book is going through changes but we should have it back up and running soon, in the mean time feel free to order our Services UCC 1 Filings process. Come order The Redemption Book and become a Secure Party Creditor Today. Order our Redemption services UCC 1 filing process today and get the Redemption Book for free.

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