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Your Birth Certificate Was Made Into​ a bond and its Worth Billions!


The birth certificate created a FICTION (the name babies in all upper case letters). The state/ province sells the birth certificate to the Commerce Department of the corporations of USA, which in turn places a bond on the birth certificate thereby making it a negotiable instrument, and thus creating the fiction called a STRAWMAN, the placing the fiction, called the STRAWMAN, into the warehouse of the corporations belonging to the USA.

Representation for the created fiction was given to the BAR (British Accredited Registry/Regency), owned and operated by the Crown of England, for the purpose of contracting the fiction (which most of us think is ourselves) into a third party action. Do not underestimate the power behind this trickery. It was set up to con us into contracting with the feds so that they can ‘legally’ confiscate our property. All these contracts have only our signatures on them because corporate fictions cannot contract (only natural beings have the right to contract  and the right not to contract). Because there is no full disclosure, we are never told that we have just signed away what we believe to be our property. These contracts are fraudulent, and hence, we are still the lawful owner and the profit earned by the feds from selling securities (our property) belongs to us and must go into a fund for our benefit, otherwise it would be fraud. Not wanting to be charged with fraud, the feds had to create a remedy for us and then hope we would not discover it.

The best example of the effects of registration is the birth certificate. A bankrupt entity such as a city, state/ province, country, cannot operate in commerce. So how do they manage?

Since USA has been bankrupt for decades, having no substance such as gold and silver to back it, the only asset it has are men and women and our labour. We are the collateral for the interest on the loan of the World Bank.

Each one of us is registered, via the application for a birth certificate. The Treasury issues a bond on the birth certificate and the bond is sold at a securities exchange and bought by the Federal Reserve Bank which then uses it as collateral to issue bank notes. The bond is held in trust for the Feds at the Depository Trust Corporation. We are the surety on said bonds. Our labour/energy is then payable at some future date. Hence we become the ‘transmitting utility’ for the transmission of energy. The United States Government, in order to provide necessary goods and services, created a commercial bond (promissory note), by pledging the property, labour, life and body of its citizens, as payment for the debt (bankruptcy). This commercial bond made chattel (property) out of us all. We became nothing more than ‘human resources’ and collateral for the debt. This was done without our knowledge and/or our consent, via the filing (registration) of our birth certificates. When mothers applied for a birth certificate, the application was registered. The legal title of her baby is then transferred from mother to the State. The mother is then left with equitable title of her baby whom she can use for a fee (a ‘use tax’) and since the property does not belong to her, she has to treat it in the manner which the owner wants.

The Certificate Of Registration of Live Birth is By Banking Definition Termed “A Certificated Security” The application they made was known as “an application for a live birth certificate” and what issued from this application was known as a “birth certificate.” The ‘company’, the “United States” kept the original application and gave your parents a copy of a birth certificate.

There is no real gain, therefore no income, therefore no income tax.

This created what is known as a “foreign situs trust account”.

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Also when we filled out the Form SS-5 we ‘allowed’ the ‘company’ access to our account, our check book as it were, the pre-paid account that was set-up when our birth certificate issued. We gave them permission as signers to write checks on our account, and they do all the time. Keep in mind, this is the same account the bankers fractionalized and created huge, almost unlimited sums of “money”, and we became ‘co-business partners’, with the ‘company’. They are able to access and use our pre-paid account, for whatever they deem necessary.

This same ‘company’ then took the application and pledged your future labor as a guarantee for payment to the bankers, also known as the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The bankers gave the company a credit for your application against the amount that the company owed the bankers, which at the time of your birth, was worth close to 1 million dollars.

This transaction is what is referred to as a “money of account” transaction, as no real money changed hands. It was simply an accounting entry against the debt owed to the bankers, by the company.


The bankers then took the (your) application, and used fractional banking lending. It is the birth certificate that is proof that an application was submitted. It is the application that is the real negotiable instrument and the birth certificate proves there is a negotiable instrument being used in commerce to borrow money.

WHAT? Wait a minute did I read that right?

Fractional banking lending used (your) birth certificate as a real negotiable instrument and it is being used in commerce to borrow money.

If a (your) birth certificate is let's say is worth 1 million, then the bank can loan that same 1 million out as many as 9 times, thus making the (your) birth certificate worth 9 million; and it keeps going over and over again for as many times as they wish to do so.

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