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The American Redemption Team



Our Prison Release process is a simple process. We combine the UCC-1 (financing statement) process with our International tort claim for false imprisonment process and in about 12-16 months after the inmates power of attorney files the documents, then the inmate will get out of prison.

This greatly depends on whether the case is in a state or federal court.  Although we can not post on our website that we absolutely guarantee that all prisoners will be released from prison, we can state that we do hold a very high success rate and have held that same very high success rate for the past 6 years. In other words we have proof that if the inmate follows through with this process 99.9% of them get released from prison.

Escape from prison today by using our Prison Release process. We are looking for prisoners that wish to get out of prison because they feel they are innocent of the crime or crimes they were charged with or those prisoners that maybe guilty but that was sentenced to more time than the crime justifiably deserved.

We are not looking to get out of jail those inmates that are truly guilty of committing premeditated heinous crimes against mankind, they deserve to be in prison and we will not help them get out of prison. Those inmates that have committed a crime of passion we may still be able to help them get released from prison, we will just have to review there case.

Honesty is the most important factor of this whole get out of prison process so keep in mind that if you have been down before you need to tell us everything up front for if we get into the process and then find out you have not told us about prior prison time it will stop the process and we have done all that work for nothing and we will not refund your money. So just remember for this Prison Release process to work you must be honest with us the first time around.

Any Cases from California with a 667A [3 strikes you’re out] don't bother we cannot help you, no matter what your charges are.

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Where do you start? Email US we will send you a informational kit that breaks down what steps you will have to take and what we do for you. This kits includes:

  • Everything you need to get you started with this get out of prison process.

If someone you love or maybe just a friend, are interested in our Prison Release process, please email us at and we will send you the kit, we will contact you within 24-48 business hours Monday-Friday to get you started.

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Released From Prison

What comes to mind when you say the words get out of prison? Do you think of getting someone released from prison or maybe the thought I want to get out of jail for myself crosses your mind.

Either way, you want to help yourself or someone you love get out of prison, right?

When it comes to our Prisoners in America it is a complex subject, however the concept of innocent people in prison wishing to be released from prison for a crime or crimes they have not committed is phenomenal. Did you know between 2.3% and 5% of all prisoners in the U.S. are innocent? Which means that more than 20 million innocent people are sitting in prison right now trying to figure out how to get out of jail.

Let us take a look at the inmates case to see if we can help them get released from prison.