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The American Redemption Team


​One of the leading problems in America today is back child support. Every man and women wants to pay your child support, but when you are facing back child support problems that is easier said than done. If you do not pay your back child support you are labeled as a dead beat parent, even if you cannot afford to pay your child support.

Here at Redeem The Truth we get rid of child support debt. We have 10 years experience with back child support problems. If you have a Child Support debt higher than $5,000.00 this is the best discharge process on the market today! If you have less than $4,999.00 back child support you might want to try one of our other processes.

If you would like to resolve your back child support problems we would love to help you. Get ride of your back child support Today!

Here at Redeem The Truth we work with people every day that want to flex and exercise their rights to obtain remedies for debts, including back child support.

​Our help when it comes to back child support includes but are not limited to:

  • detailed records audit of any judgments, liens, encumbrances, claims and/or adhesion contracts issued against the Client for one or more account(s);

  • claims, petitions and/or complaints;

  • responses to letters and correspondence;

  • answers and counterclaims to summons and subpoenas;

  • affirmations and/or affidavits;

  • offers in compromise and settlement agreements;

  • becoming a secure party creditor; and

  • other lawful methods that you are entitled to.

  • The templates we use here at Redeem The Truth provide a base line for your correspondence and or filings, and you are free to customize them for your own use. You make all decisions to use them at your own discretion, and although results are not guaranteed or promised, we can help you make an educated decision, knowing that certain remedies are available for you.

​How do you get stated? For $29.95 we will consult with you and together we will decide on your best course of action for your particular situation. 

Please completely fill out the form below, we will contact you within 24 to 48 business hours (Monday-Friday) to take your order. Want to order by phone, no problem call 541-241-6215 Monday-Friday and someone will return your call within 2-4 business days. Once we have received your payment we will design you a course of action based of the information you have shared with us from the form below. We will create a summary of what services are needed and what the cost would be to help you pay off your back child support.

You must have already completed our UCC Trust process and UCC-1 Bailor Trust process before moving on to this process.

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