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If you are facing mortgage issues, you are not alone. According to industry analysts, the total number of people that have mortgage issues according to the current economic crisis subsides could be anywhere between 8 and 13 million. The foreclosure process can be intimidating for many homeowners, therefore, it is important to keep in mind that there are options available that allow you to keep your home or sell or transfer your home quickly before a foreclosure sale.

The stress of all the mortgage issues in America is in fact at a all time high. More people have mortgage issues now than in the past ten years.

The nation's banks are a major cause of all mortgage issues for they pretend to give loans to help Americans achieve their dreams of homeownership.  Banks hold more than $2 trillion in one-to-four family home loans.  They also pretend to support the housing industry with construction and development loans, and homeowners with home equity lines of credit.  Despite the mortgage issues that are going on in the housing markets, banks are continuing to make home loans to un-qualifying borrowers thus making sure the homeowners are at risk of default so the bank can then steal their home and make tons of money off of it.

Are you having mortgage issues? Listen to this! Aside from the Promissory Note, the bank's Mortgage Agreement with you is actually fraud and the bank perpetuates the fraud by nondisclosure. This is what your Mortgage Agreement says after you decipher all of the legalese (legal wording):

You, the Principal, as the buyer of the home, bring to the mortgage agreement (which is not a contract)  the most important thing is your good credit, and you sign a promissory note, and a fee-simple deed, which means by the way that you just paid for your property in full. Now the bank puts before you another form, and you sign this without knowing that you signed a Rental Agreement, allowing the bank to "service" the account for the next thirty years with you as the tenant.  All the bank brought to the agreement is the people to service the account. You came into the mortgage agreement being both the "renter" and the "Principal" and their job (this is where the fraud comes in) is to collect the principal and interest from you, the "renter", and return it to the "Principal." That’s you. (Did they disclose this in simple terms?)

You give them a monthly mortgage payment check (or rent check) and they’re supposed to give the money right back to you. The fraud is that they don’t return the "principal and interest" back to the "Principal" (you) as per their agreement. Unbelievable isn't it!

In the 20th century our legal system was converted from common law to commercial law by the bankers. They have to pretend there is equal protection under the law and that there is no involuntary servitude. So they use legalese (legal wording) to cover the true meaning of every agreement you enter into! By using legalese the Banks can say "we offered you equal protection," and they will state they gave you full disclosure without lying or stealing anything. But did they really? You and I do not know how to decipher their legalese code, so we read or do not read the agreement but due to our advisors, loan officers, attorneys, moms and dads, teachers and overall societal conditioning, we believe we owe this money. We just say that “it makes sense.” We pay it because we believe through ignorance, misunderstanding and less than full disclosure that we owe this money, yet the agreement does not say this!

The UCC-1 debt elimination derives from HJR-192 and Public Law 73-10, Chapter 48, 48 Stat 112 in which the Corporate US board of directors, the Congress, removed from the flesh and blood men and women of the several united States of America their substance with which they can pay for things and replaced it with fictitious "money" in the form of debt instruments called Federal Reserve Notes. This created the exemption.

Essentially, the acceptance of and your redemption debt elimination process obtains access to the trust account that the federal government has been using since your birth to monetize and pay off the national debt. They automatically made the government the trustee of that account and used your energy and talent to fund the national government and they did that with your birth certificate sent from the state in which you were born, the Department of Treasury creates a constructive trust account that permits the corporate United States and all of the other subsidiary corporations, states, counties, cities, etc. to interact with you as a corporate, fictitious entity. They are fictitious public entities that cannot interact with you, the real, living person, but yet they have convinced you, the living flesh and blood person that they are referring to you. You have voluntarily accommodated this interaction on behalf of your fictitious entity, your "corporation."

Let Redeem The Truth help you get rid of your mortgage issues by using your own exemption. Use our solutions at law to resolve your mortgage issue we guarantee we will do the very best we can to help you try to save your home. Below you will find a little bit of information on what we do for you and that has worked with thousands of our members that has used us in the past.

Mortgage Elimination

Use our mortgage elimination process to eliminate your mortgage by using your own exemption. Eliminate your mortgage today!

If you are in a mortgage you did not get there by mistake, you chose to enter a contract and like most people that enter into a mortgage do it because their intentions were to pay off the mortgage over a period of time in which to insure a secure place to live.

​How many of you know that 90% of all mortgages are illegal? You heard me right ILLEGAL. Banks pretend to loan you money when in fact your own exemption has paid your HOUSE OFF IN FULL. Whether or not you are behind on your payments or whether you agree with us that the bank pretend to loaned you money we feel we can help you.

The first thing you want to do is do is Expatriate, it is the only clear way to get rid of a mortgage, its cost is $25k going up another 10k by January 2018 so act now. Send us a email at to let us know you wish to get rid of your mortgage for good.

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