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The American Redemption Team



​The Definition of Expatriation is to​ ​Withdraw (oneself) from residence in one's native country. Which means you can cash out your social security account and cash out your Birth Certificate meaning you completely take oneself out from underneath the Corporate Fiction thus taking oneself back to your original sovereign state before you became a Corporate Fiction.

Many Americans have now realised that their country has, sadly, been taken over. It is no longer ‘the land of the free’ – and many of the brave there are now looking for a new home.

The Expatriation process is not for the week hearted. You must be willing to stand on your right to not only Expatriate but to not depend on the government such items as social security, welfare or disability.

What does it mean to go through the Expatriation process? Well one would really have to study to see and understand why you need to go through the Expatriation process. A good place to start is understanding the "U.S. Unfunded Liabilities". The U.S. Unfunded Liabilities are as following just to give you a idea of what I am talking about. The national debt - aka the federal debt - is the total of all the past years' budget deficits, minus what the federal government has paid off with budget surpluses. The gov't runs a deficit when it spends more than it collects from taxes.  The gov't runs a surplus when it spends less less than it collect from taxes. The National Debt= Every Deficit minus ever surplus since the founding of the country. If the government runs a deficit, the U.S. Treasury borrows money to make up the difference between how much money is being spent and how much money is coming in – thus creating federal debt. 

In my own personal opinion all U.S Citizens should expatriate unless they need to draw benefits for the government. Listen to this reason: They tax you no matter where you are in the U.S.  What other nations don’t dare do to their citizens, the U.S. government doesn’t think twice about.

Just about everything you do you are being taxed on. The Taxes in the U.S. are already high, and rates are set to increase across the board. To gain some perspective, it’s clarifying to calculate the number of months per year you work for the government. How many months did it take to pay all the federal, state, and local income taxes, capital gains taxes, FICA taxes, property taxes, and AMT – plus the raft of permitting, licensing and accounting costs you incur over the course of a year? Add corporate taxes if you’re a business owner. And don’t forget the new 3.8% health care surcharge tax on all investment income, including dividends. Be honest and add it all up. You’ll then have a decent idea of how much it costs you in time and money to be a U.S. citizen every year. That cost will rise dramatically going forward.

Then there is death tax. Its political label is the “estate tax,” but the fact is the tax is based solely on your demise. I used to think the death tax only applied to gains on assets that had not been taxed already. That shows how naïve I was right? It grabs half of all your assets, regardless of the fact that you have already paid taxes on them.

Don’t be tricked into thinking this is a partisan issue. It’s sobering to review the debt records of both Democratic and Republican administrations…to behold what politicians do when given trillions of dollars of other people’s money. They spend it all – and then borrow trillions more! Of course, the burden of servicing that debt is on you, not them. Their six-figure salaries are guaranteed, along with their fully funded pension plans.

While often described as “the richest nation in the world,” the reality is that the U.S. is the most indebted nation, by a country mile. No other government comes close to matching the debt burden that has been dumped onto every taxpayer. The U.S. government is rampantly incurring debt in your name, and you have no way to stop it or slow it down. Standing in free speech zones with protest signs did not work when it came to war and crony bailouts, and it won’t work for the debt burden either.

Americans abroad are being treated like “toxic citizens.” They are cut off from banking and other business and offshore investing opportunities solely because of their U.S. citizenship.

As the number of people expatriating continues to rise, it inevitably will turn into a political hot-button. The media will set the stage for politicians to denounce of expatriation, paving the way to make exercising the right more difficult and costly.

Wealthy people who expatriate will be called greedy and unpatriotic. “Turning their backs on their fellow Americans” will be the sound bite wielded by politicians to conjure up the demand to “do something.”

Here at Redeem The Truth we help you with your Expatriation process, we help you go back to your original sovereign state before you became a Corporate Fiction.

$25,000.00 per person paid upfront. For inmates $30k, prices will go up by 10k January 2018 so expatriate today. This price includes the whole UCC Trust process, including some basic education to go with it, discharging all of your debt plus all bond/s & UCC-3's to be added to your Bailor Trust necessary to finalize this process. This price includes all bonds & UCC-3's to be added to your Bailor Trust necessary for this process.


Any/All Bond’s held against you, [previous, past,]. You must capture the bond(s)[past, present, any Bonds, that the State and/or Federal Government has against you as in [CORPORATE FICTION].Once the Bond(s) are pulled, they must be filed into your Bailor Trust using a UCC-3 filed to the Secretary of State. After the bond(s) are in your Bailor Trust; then the [previous] Holder of the Bond(s) is notified of your possession of the Bond(s) [Holder-In-Due-Course UCC-3-302 A (2) and the Bond(s) they hold are now fraudulent.

Services with this process can include but are not limited to:
detailed records audit of any judgments, liens, encumbrances, claims and/or adhesion contracts issued against the Client for one or more accounts(s);
claims, petitions and/or complaints;
responses to letters and correspondence;
answers and counterclaims to summons and subpoenas;
affirmations and/or affidavits;
offers in compromise and settlement agreements;
private administrative process;

expatriation process;
tort claims; and
any other lawful methods that you are entitle to.

Services provided by Redeem The Truth are not to be construed as legal advice and are protected by free speech. The ideas presented are not intended to infringe on any State, the United States, the Bar Association(s), or any/other party thereof. The ideas discussed here at Redeem The Truth is without promise of outcome, but mere facilitation of ideas discussed privately and we can help you make an educated decision, showing that certain remedies are indeed available to you.

How to get started? Contact us by email at and we will send you a kit that explains this process. Allow us 72 hours Monday-Friday to reply.

What are you waiting for? Expatriate TODAY!

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