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The American Redemption Team



Buying a house is the largest investment you will make in your life time. Many of the experts say buying a house is the worst investment you make because of the way they have things set up when you go to buy a house, most do not have the money to just walk up and pay cash money for that house, which means you end up in a mortgage stretched out over 30 years, thus costing you a fortune.

The whole point of buying a house is you feel like the house belongs to you and no one can take it away from you, right? Really is that how it works?

Even if you paid cash money when you bought your house, it still does not belong to you, why do you think you pay property tax on that house sitting on the land you also think belongs to you? Check out DECLARATION OF ALLODIAL TITLEfor more information on that.

The important factor to this subject here today is did you know it was possible to buy a house by using your own exemption? We are actively working with three test subjects to see if it is actually possible to accomplish this task.

There is actually two different ways you can buy a house with your exemption. The first one is very long winded, lots of red tape and takes forever. The second one is a lot easier but you have to be a mortgage already and it comes down to discharging that mortgage through the governors window.

Although we are not done with our test subjects the thought of buying a house with your own exemption is more difficult than we first thought. One of our test subjects is already in a house they bought through their exemption but still struggles with red tape issues, there other two are still in the process of making the deal.

However we will never give up trying to find a easier way to use your exemption to buy a house.

In the mean time we have a few different options you can use to buy a house. If you are already in a mortgage and have been paying on that house for a year or more then we can discharge your mortgage then put you through the Allodial Title process.

If you are still renting and want to buy a house but you have bad or poor credit we can help you discharge your debt to improve your credit so you can buy a house, then after a year of paying on that house we can help you discharge the debt still owing. Then go after the Allodial Title, thus making the house and land yours. Or we can build you a new line of credit so you can go ahead and buy a new house while you work on repairing your own credit under your social security number.

We also have a process that you can go get a house that has been abandoned, thus taking it as your own.

For $29.95 we will consult with you on what is the best course of action designed particular to your situation so you can buy a house or take possession of one.

Fill out the form below, within 24-48 business hours someone from our office will contact you on how to pay for your order. Once we receive the payment we will contact you again and start working with you, letting you choose which option is best for you.

Thank you for visiting Redeem The Truth on the subject of buying a house and we look forward to working with you.