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The American Redemption Team


When the UNITED STATES declared bankruptcy in 1933 under the bankruptcy (Straw man) law known as HJR 192, pledged all Americans as collateral (debt slaves) against the national debt to the International Bankers; gave all the land to the international bankers (Federal Reserve Corporation); and confiscated and outlawed all the gold except for one ounce for each person; thus, eliminating the lawful means (Gold and Silver Coins) by which you could legally pay your debt, the UNITED STATES also assumed legal responsibility for providing a new way for you to pay. In 1933, the UNITED STATES Government declared that they would pay all of YOUR debts with the money they receive from your labor, birth certificate, and Social Security registered number by what is known as your Reserve Account worth Billions.

The UNITED STATES Corporation Government did that by providing what is known as the Exemption Account. The bankers loan credit and not money, because there has not been any lawful money since 5 June 1933. The Exemption Account is your exemption from having to pay for anything. In practical terms, though, this meant giving each American something to pay with, and that something is your credit. The Department of Debt Loan Payoff has discovered the credit and debt secret for you to pay any debt and bank loan. This secret has been hidden for over 79 years.

​In 1921, the federal Sheppard-Towner Maternity Act created the birth "registration" or what we now know as the "birth certificate." It was known as the "Maternity Act" and was sold to the American people as a law that would reduce maternal and infant mortality, protect the health of mothers and infants, and for "other purposes." One of those other purposes provided for the establishment of a federal bureau designed to cooperate with state agencies in the overseeing of its operations and expenditures.

Then your birth certificate bond became a negotiable instrument just like any security instrument under UCC Article 3, code of commercial law in which the world trade falls under.

In point of fact, you should be able to go into any store in America and buy anything and everything in sight, telling the clerk to charge it to your Exemption Account, which is identified by a nine-digit number that you will recognize as your Social Security number without the dashes. It is your EIN, which stands for Exemption Identification Number from the UNITED STATES CORPORATION of America. Let the U S Department of Debt Loan Payoff show you how to become debt free using the Government Debt Bailout, Exemption Identification Number, today.

The value is in your Birth Certificate Bond and SS# Trust information. What you do with this valuable information will either hold the current value or add to the value by you contacting the stock broker company that is trading YOUR Birth Certificate Bond Funds Account and/or your SS# Trust Funds Account that make up your Prepaid, Exempt Reserve Account that the banks draw and steel from you every time you sign your name on a financial contract or application. YOUR Stock market funds accounts are in YOUR NAME and Under YOUR Social Security Number AND ONLY YOU can access your Stock Market MONEY. The member that provided this report has passed away at the end of 2015, and our heart goes out to his family for their loss.

The point of this report was never to drain your account(s) but to prove to you that they do indeed exist and that you can use your account(s) to pay off any public debt. The moral to this story is you have your own exemption account(s), so why not use them right?

​We are very experienced with providing account audits, templates and legal research for purposes of the negotiation, restructuring, discharge and/or elimination of any judgments, liens, encumbrances, claims and/or adhesion contracts and we are sure we can help you with your solutions at law. Depending on what debt you wish to discharge depends on the price, our baseline price starts out at $2,250.00 and goes up to $7,500.00 so be sure and tell us which debt's you want to get rid of.

Although we cannot guaranteed any particular results to your situation, we can guarantee that it has worked for thousands of other clients currently using our services and past clients. We also guarantee the templates created will be personally designed for your situation.

You must become a secure party creditor in order to become debt free and discharge debt, check out our prices on doing that process for you by allowing the cursor to hover over services and pick SERVICES UCC 1 FILINGS from the list.

Services with this process can include but are not limited to:

  • detailed records audit of any judgments, liens, encumbrances, claims and/or adhesion contracts issued against the Client for one or more accounts(s);

  • claims, petitions and/or complaints;

  • responses to letters and correspondence;

  • answers and counterclaims to summons and subpoenas;

  • affirmations and/or affidavits;

  • offers in compromise and settlement agreements;

  • private administrative process;

  • bonds;

  • tort claims; and

  • any other lawful methods that you are entitle to.

Services provided by Redeem The Truth are not to be construed as legal advice and are protected by free speech. The ideas presented are not intended to infringe on any State, the United States, the Bar Association(s), or any/other party thereof. The ideas discussed here at Redeem The Truth is without promise of outcome, but mere facilitation of ideas discussed privately and we can help you make an educated decision, showing that certain remedies are indeed available.

Additional fees may apply for records audits, additional templates and/or research, each situation is different and we take action on a per situation bases.

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$29.95 we will consult with you and together we will decide on your best course of action for your particular situation.

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Birth Certificate Money Process

​​That’s right your Birth Certificate is Worth Billions did you know that? So why didn't file for it? Didn't want your money? You didn't because you don't know how TO FILE FOR IT right? The good news is we do. Let me explain below.

Bonds are collateralized by your birth certificate which becomes a negotiable instrument.

When your birth certificate was monetized and converted into a UNITED STATES Government Bond shortly after your birth by your Mother, your net worth became unlimited, into the Billions of Dollars without your knowledge and without your Mother’s and Father’s knowledge either.