NOW YOU can order you’re very own, specially prepared; ‘Verified Declaration of Revocation and Termination of Election’ and terminate that unlawful and illegal scheme and trickery of unlawful taxation that might have cost you thousands if not for some millions of so-called dollars!

Why hesitate bringing yourself back to an American National status?

Your ‘Verified Declaration of Revocation and Termination of Election’ comes with:
1. Seven ‘Cover letters’ to necessary Government Offices
2. Plus Revocation of Power of Attorney
3. IRS Points and Authorities
4. Your very own ‘American National ID Card’!
5. Step by step instructions!
6. You own private Service Agreement!
All for $500.00

People drawing Social Security should first cash out their Social Security trust account before moving on to this process for it may cause issues with receiving your social security checks.

Must present most recent letter or document from the IRS if any, height, weight, color of eyes, hair, your 5 signatures – straight, in black ink not to exceed 5 inches, and current color photo with light back ground (Pass Port type!)

This process does not include the full UCC Trust process which should be done first. Your best bet is to expatriate it takes care of all your problems at the same time, but for those of you that wish to stay in the system this is the only other way to get rid of the IRS.

If interested in this process then email us at and let us know that you are interested in this process. 

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Can you Terminate Your Status as a Taxpayer?

DID YOU KNOW THAT; Statutory 'Taxpayers' are defined to mean “any person subject to any internal revenue tax.” The statutory term 'person' as defined in the IRC at §7701 (a)(1) refers only to statutory legal fictions created by and under the dominion of the US Congress.

Also, the Internal Revenue Service, a non-government agency of U.S., Inc., presumed to be a federal bureau headquartered in Washington, DC, has promulgated in Title 26 of the United States Code [USC] a statutory legal option for those who are Nonresident Alien Individuals to implement the Termination at their discretion for any voluntary Federal Income Tax Election established at 26 USC §6013(g) [Election to treat nonresident alien individual as a resident of the United States, i.e.; to be treated as a ‘taxpayer!’].

Once a statutory ‘election’ under 26 USC §6013(g) or (h) was initially established, those Nonresident Alien Individuals who made that ‘election’ immediately became a federal statutory ‘Taxpayer’ and their former nontaxable income is then deemed taxable in an identical manner to that of a US Resident Alien. The 'election' also became automatically applicable for all taxable years following as stated at 26 USC §6013(g)(3) [per the] Duration of Election. Has it been 2 years or 25 years for you?

YOU THEN became ‘voluntarily liable’ via your ‘election’ for a tax never to be levied upon you nor to be paid/extracted from your private sector employer paid wages (wages are not gain or profit!) Your wage withholding taxation was automatic for all taxable years following your ‘act’ of the initial ‘election’, though you were never.

The statutory term Nonresident Alien Individual is defined at 26 USC §7701 (b)(1)(B):

“An Individual is a Nonresident Alien [Non-Taxpayer] if such individual is neither a [statutory] citizen of the United States [District of Columbia per 26 USC §7408(d)] nor a resident [Alien or foreigner from another nation] of the United States [District of Columbia per 26 USC §7408(d)].”[Emphasis & Clarification added]

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​​​Now you can terminate that first ‘Election’ of signing that first IRS Form 1040 and free yourself of that Yoke & Bondage, of that unlawfully applied ‘income tax’… as your wages were never to be taxed in the first place!

The American Redemption Team


American National

The IRS is the most un-American agency in the country today. How about we Terminate the IRS for GOOD? Did you know that it was even possible to Terminate the IRS from your life?

People fear the IRS out of ignorance of the law. The truth is that the America's tax system is based on voluntary compliance and self assessment. That's right from the IRS itself! Did you know that you "comply voluntarily" ?

Now Redeem The Truth is not implying to run out and stop paying the IRS on what is called INCOME taxes, choose your battles wisely but also it wants you to be aware of the truth and that you have choices that you can make in your own life.

Don't take our word for it, do your own due diligence and research on the subject. CLICK HERE to see what seven former IRS agents have to say about it. Be sure to watch the videos on that site too!

An American National is a native of an American territorial possession. American Nationals are entitled to all of the legal protection a U.S. citizens would have but do not have the complete political rights of a U.S. citizen. Such as the ability to vote, big deal when it does no good to vote right?

Bring yourself back to American National status Today, comes with your own American National ID Card.

Did you know by opting out as a IRS tax payer that you can bring yourself back to your American National status?