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The American Redemption Team



Redeem The Truth is a private business that belongs to Shawna Page a true American National, and therefore this private company it is not registered with any State or Government agencies.

The owner is a firm believer that we can remain private without the interference of State or Government control. Redeem The Truth was founded in 1998 in which it was designed to research the whole commercial scheme of things. The goal was to prove whether or not it was fact or just a conspiracy theory that our government was a government for the true American Nationals or was a pretend government of a foreign country.

Over the years Redeem The Truth has grown to be a trusted resource to the general public, by supplying education and by providing services that help people with their goals of becoming a secure party creditor and taking control over their own corporate fiction name known as [YOUR NAME IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS].

We thank all of our students that have stayed with us over the years and that have continued to come back for more education and also utilizing the services we offer. We love to maintain a strong on going relationship with our students, so if you are interested in becoming a student, we urge you to join us and we welcome you with open arms.

ONE is Glad to be of Service
​Redeem The Truth